Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Work In Progress

Just one swallow on the rope!

On Wednesday we finished the preparation work on the boat hull and Eric managed to get a coat of very smelly Comastic on the hull with the help of Alan (NB Shush). Eric and Alan had face masks on but they could have done with oxygen cylinders! The extractor fans were all on too. As the coating dried the smell went.

Today (Thursday) Eric and I took Ben for a walk through the Nature Reserve before work started on the hull. Eric wanted to paint some tunnel bands as our boat hasn't got any pretty colours on its stern and then paint the black on gunnels while he could do it standing up. We haven't any work to do on the roof which is just as well as we share the dry dock with swallows nesting in the rafters. It's strange to see the swallows sitting on the ropes along the walkway next to the dock and soaring overhead. They are obviously used to seeing boats and people in the dry dock.

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