Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whitchurch To Grindley Brook

Today (Thursday) we moved on just a short distance really but it involved passing through three lift bridges. Luckily one was lifted by another boater and he let us through before he lowered it gain. I waited for another boat to go through before lowering the one by the Whitchurch Arm so Eric carried on without us. The sun was shining as Ben and I walked from Whitchurch to Grindley Brook- I must admit I was all hot and bothered when we caught up with Eric at the water point. We decided to moor up on the visitor moorings and go down the six locks at Grindley Brook on Saturday. The first three are a staircase and two lock keepers are usually available to help the boats through. Lots of boats going past in both directions today so the locks have been rather busy with hire boats mainly returning to their bases. Hopefully it will be quieter on Saturday morning. Tomorrow I'll follow some footpath signs from the canal and take Ben for a long walk while Eric puts another coat of cream on the stern door panels. He also wants to touch up a few scrapes on the gunnels -an area which always needs a bit of black paint. I took the photograph of Ben in the fields last time we were moored at Grindley Brook a few weeks ago.

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