Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On The Move Towards Grindley Brook

We've left Ellesmere behind and are on our way towards Grindley Brook. We stayed near Prees Junction after filling up with diesel at Whixall Marina and getting some oil for our next service. As usual I couldn't lift the first Lift bridge- Eric had to do the honours while I steered the boat. He said there was a loop of chain at the end of the chain which may help others lift the bridge.

The sun was shining so we moved on Tuesday and decided to stop just before Whitchurch meaning Ben and I could have some nice walks along the footpaths around Whitchurch. It was really amazing to be cruising in sunshine with no wind at all. We decided to stay put on Wednesday as Eric wanted to paint the cream on the stern door linings and I had washing to do. Out came the rotary line so the washing could dry outside but as the sun went in, it was still quite damp when I brought it in.

Ben and I left Eric to his painting while we walked along some footpaths near Whitchurch. He loves running in the fields although he did have to go on a lead as one field with a footpath through had horses in it- at least it wasn't cows! When we got back to the boat NB Cabinessence went past with Sue and Mac aboard returning to their mooring in Chirk. They had spent the winter moored up with us in Llangollen.

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