Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moored On The Nantwich Embankment

We moved down from our overnight mooring just south of Hurleston Junction bright and early on Friday mooring. We could have stayed longer but the weather forecast for Saturday was wet wet wet and we needed to get some food shopping done. It's quite a walk to Morrisons so we didn't fancy walking in heavy rain. Ben enjoyed a run and I walked with the boat to Nantwich and we were in luck just three spaces left on the 48's on the embankment before the aqueduct. Alan and Eiddwen (NB Shush) moved too but they stopped for water on the way and then filled the last space and it was only ten o'clock. We wanted to stop here as we knew we could get a satellite signal as Eric wanted to watch the Grand Prix this weekend.

First of all we left Ben on the boat while we did the food shopping, so now we have food. We did have food but we didn't have any biscuits or crisps, milk bread or any fruit and vegetables. We just had to have a jammy doughnut before we walked back to the boat and we also stopped for a refreshment break on the way as we needed a cold drink- my drink was a J2O while Eric had a pint!

The weather man got it right-this morning it was raining really heavily. Later it eased off and Ben and I walked towards Hack Green and back while Eric watched the qualifiers. I didn't get very wet but Ben was soaked and needed a good rub down with a towel which he was trying to eat as Eric rubbed him down. Of course now I'm back it's stopped raining.

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