Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Bank Holiday And It's Not Raining!

Time To Queue

The sun shone today which was unusual for a Bank Holiday. We decided to move up through the two Hack Green Locks to find somewhere where we could get closer to the bank. Ben's great at jumping though even when there's a big gap- he doesn't do gang planks. By the time we were ready to move there was a queue and we were number five. Ben and I walked up to the lock to help by working the one side of the lock with boats going up and down the locks. I get fed up with people who stay away from the lock afraid they might have to do something- they just wait until the lock gates are open with the boat coming out before they venture near the paddles. We finally moored up at Coole Pilate Picnic Area which very quickly filled up with boats.
Eric had some jobs to do so first of all he swept the chimney and then he checked the batteries which needed to be topped up with distilled water. After that we chatted with our neighbours, Dot and Derick who moor near Angela and Trevor's boat NB Libertybelle in Swanley Marina. Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush were moored in front of us and Ben made sure Alan had some ball throwing practise.

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