Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In Ellesmere Dry Dock

Ellesmere Dry Dock (or is it a tunnel?)

In The Dry Dock

Where's The Water Gone?

This morning we were up bright and early- much earlier than usual and waiting outside the dry dock at 8.30am. We knew it wasn't a tunnel but we were told someone had asked a previous occupant how long they were going to be as he wanted to go through the tunnel. Soon the previous occupant vacated the dock and we were in with the water level going down. The man from the hire shop brought us a pressure washer and soon Eric was busy with it cleaning the hull.

Before I could help him I had to take Ben for his walk but he didn't want to get off the boat as it involved steps and he didn't like the noise of the pressure washer. Eric turned off the noise and carried him down the steps so off we went on our familiar route through the Nature Reserve, over the hill to the Mere and then back to the boat. He went up the steps quite happily to get back on the boat and settled down for a nap while I helped Eric scrape the boat. It took a long time with scrapers and wire brushes to get it ready for painting and we've only done one side.

Anyway tomorrow's another day , so cheerio from two tired boaters.


Dave Winter said...

What a nice picture of Ben.Looks as though he had just been washed.

Elsie said...

Ben hadn't been washed- if he can find water he's in it. A paddle in the Mere cleans him up.