Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bottom Blacked - Ready To Leave

Plenty of room for NB Bendigedig in the dock.

A nice black bottom!

The last two days have been a waiting game as the boat needed 48 hours before going back in the water. But Eric has been busy painting the tunnel bands and the gunnels as well as replacing the rusty chains and shackles on the bow and stern fenders. NB Bendigedig looks so much better! Tomorrow we'll be up bright and early as BW start at 7.30am!

One disadvantage of being in the dry dock has been no satellite TV signal so we've missed our favourite programs. BBC I player is no good to us as the signal is not good enough to watch a program- you get part of a sentence a delay while it downloads and then another part of the sentence. It would takes hours to watch a 30 minute program. We've been listening to the radio and watching DVDs in the evenings instead.

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