Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back On The Shroppie

Bridge Three Llangollen Canal

Going Down- Top Lock Of Hurleston Flight

Leaving Lock Three

Turn Right At Hurleston Junction-Back On The Shroppie

On Monday morning I took Ben out for a walk much earlier than usual as I had a train to catch to Shrewsbury and then to Newport in south Wales. He then had another walk with Eric to the train station to see me off on my trip. The train from Wrenbury is a shuttle service running between Shrewsbury and Crewe- just a one carriage bus like train. The train from Shrewsbury was packed but I managed to find a seat in an air conditioned carriage, the other carriage was boiling as the air-con was not working.

Arriving in Newport I met one of my daughters Clare and we had a coffee and a chat before I went to the doctors for my annual checkup. They changed my asthma medication as I've had a cough for ages- so hopefully the new stuff will help. I left the doctors and walked down to my dad's house where I was staying for a few days.

The next day I visited my youngest daughter Lisa and my granddaughter Gwenllian. Gwenllian made me smile with her attempts to blow bubbles with a kit I bought her- she managed a few when Lisa said blow like when you blow out candles! Her other half Gerwyn gave me a lift back to my dad's house which was much appreciated. On Wednesday the train back to Shrewsbury was much quieter and a few hours later I was back on the shutttle to Wrenbury.

Eric met me at the station with Ben the dog and we walked back to the boat which was now near Baddiley Locks as he'd moved while I was away. It took us an hour to reach the boat and we had a cuppa before working through the five locks to take us to a lovely mooring a few bridges up from Hurleston- no roads just the sound of the birds!

On Thursday we did the final four locks at Hurleston to take us back on the Shroppie where NB Shush was moored up at the visitor moorings. Time for a catch up chat! So now we've accomplished the only part of our summer cruise we'd planned- turn right at Hurleston Junction!

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