Monday, April 19, 2010

Walking Around Whitchurch

With the boat is moored on the 48 hour moorings we decided to stay put as Eric had a few jobs he wanted to do on the boat. It's quite noisy here with an A road nearby so I resorted to ear plugs at bedtime and had a really good sleep. We've been finding cruising tiring after our winter break so it was nice to stay put. I'd forgotten how many turns it takes to raise and lower the lift bridges.

I decided to follow some well worn footpaths and find out where they went and Ben and I enjoyed some lovely walks where he could run free through empty fields, although I had to put in on a lead through two fields of horses - he sometimes barks at these 'big dogs'!

I followed one route and ended up coming down to the sign showing I'd been to Dobson's Farm and then along a path I'd walked before back to the Whitchurch Arm of the canal. Ben decided he wanted a drink and found a pond and jumped in- he didn't expect it to be deep but he had his drink and climbed out and shook his very wet coat. We retraced our steps and walked back up over the hill back to the boat and Ben had dried out by the time we got back.

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