Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Visiting Maesbury Marsh

Heading for the next lock
Entering Aston Middle Lock

We woke this morning to rain and delayed moving until it stopped. Maggie and Bernie passed by on NB Blue Diamond going the other way. Ben couldn't wait to get out for his walk as I headed off with the windlass to get the lock ready for Eric. The lock was full because NB Blue Diamond has used it to come up but a boater emptied it even though our boat was in view and I was walking towards it with the windlass in my hand. Eric pulled in and waited for them to work through the lock. We worked the final two locks and headed for Maesbury-unfortunately a low branch of a fallen tree didn't let us pass without trying to remove various things from the roof. Eric really couldn't get away from it due to a moored boat just before the fallen tree. We were lucky we only lost a flowerpot. After using the services we carried on a little further to Maesbury Marsh where we moored up not far from the Cafe. There's not far to go now before we have to turn around as the next section is in water but not yet open to boats as the bank vegetation needs chance to grow and they haven't reached the next winding hole. The restoration work is ongoing and one day it will join up with the next navigable section of the canal but it's a lot of work so it's a very slow process.

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