Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Quiet Sunday- No Cruising- No Way!

Today we planned a quiet day near Prees Junction with no cruising. I set off walking with Ben down the Prees Branch and we met dogs everwhere and Ben had a play with some of them.We were out nearly two hours and returned to the boat just in time to put the chicken in the oven for lunch. Eric was busy polishing one side of the boat- I don't believe it-the bottle had remained unopened for so long.

Anyway by the smell of the gas we'd have to change the bottle soon and it decided to run out in the middle of roasting the chicken. Eric changed over to the other bottle and we then had no gas at all- even though the bottle was full. It turned out that the pipe had died connecting the bottle to the regulator. We needed gas to cook the lunch and keep us in tea and coffee. I rang Whitchurch Marina (home of Viking Afloat) and we were in luck as they had the pipe we needed but it was two hours away by boat. We pulled in at Viking Afloat and collected the pipe and Eric fitted it- Yes we have gas! We cooked the chicken and Sunday Lunch became our evening meal, so everything turned out OK in the end.

We had cruised in lovely sunshine enjoying the wild life on the way. Cowslips, wood anemones, celandines and bursting buds galore- spring has sprung! We also saw a pair of kingfishers, one of which remained on his perch as we passed by. When we finally moored up we watched a pair of unusual birds in the field opposite - out came the bird book to identify them as sandpipers. Maybe we'll have a quiet day to-morrow.

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