Thursday, April 22, 2010

On The Way Back To Ellesmere

Peace And Quiet!

On Thursday we had to move (on 48 hour moorings) so we backed up the boat to get some water and use the services before we headed off back towards Whitchurch. I also bought milk and bread (in the Cafe/ Shop) to keep us going until we reached Ellesmere. I didn't want to walk into Whitchurch and carry milk back to the boat. Ben and I walked alongside the boat in lovely sunshine and got back on after going through the first lift bridge as we needed to get coal and gas at Whitchurch marina on the other side of the canal. We pulled alongside one of the Viking Afloat boats and a helpful man came to see what we wanted. Soon he'd taken the empty gas and got us a full one and brought the bags of coal in a wheelbarrow. After paying the bill we left Whitchurch behind, Ben and I got off and walked to do the next two lift bridges and continuing until we came to good mooring spot a bit further on. A good mooring has no road nearby and good satellite reception- we are easily pleased.

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