Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad/ Granddad/ Great Granddad

Dad & I
My dad celebrated his 83rd birthday yesterday with a meal at 'The Greyhound'. This is the only picture taken of us together and I managed to close my eyes with the flash! Never mind it's a nice one of him. It's always great to have a get together for a happy occasion.

Auntie Clare With Gwenllian

Gwenllian joinied in with singing of Happy Birthday after she'd sampled Clare's scampi! She was also on the look out for cucumber or tomatoes even though she'd had her tea earlier. It was a pity there wasn't a high chair or children's menu and we hadn't thought to ask when it was booked. She enjoyed her icecream with chocolate sauce when we all sampled the dessert menu though.

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