Thursday, April 08, 2010

Exploring The Work In Progress

Swans But No Powered Boats Yet!

In Water (But No Powered Boats Yet)

Restoration In Progress (Between Bridges 82 to 83)

Hedge Laying (Between Bridge 82 & 83)

Just A Ditch (Beyond Bridge 83)

Today with the weather warm and sunny, Ben and I set off to explore the restoration work going on below Maesbury Marsh. We walked past the new section already in water and negotiated the swans without too much hassle. I also saw the lovely hedge laying carried out with the help of Nick and Liz off NB Henry. I took a load of photos as Eric wanted to see how things were getting on but also needed to take advantage of the good weather to finish a bit of painting. Underneath the brass thing which protects the boat from the rope (what's it called?) had gone all rusty so he needed to sort it out. We'd already had water in the boat onto the galley worktops via the screw holes so they had been taped over and when he took the tape off the paint he'd already done came off too. He wasn't a happy bunny!

After my enjoyable walk we decided to go as far as we could and turn around to go back up to Queen's Head near where Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush are moored for a few days. I jumped off the boat to work the lift bridge leaving it open while Eric turned the boat around to come back through. Luckily for me no cars arrived until the bridge was safely down again. It takes a lot of turns to get it up and down and I didn't want to have to do it twice.

So we've got two locks to do today and we'll moor below the top lock as it's much quieter than mooring at Queen's Head itself. A good place to stop with a regular bus service to Shrewsbury and Oswestry if the need for retail therapy arises. Our cupboards are well stocked so it's only a need for bread, milk and fresh fruit and vegetables that takes me shopping.

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