Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ellesmere In The Sunshine

Moored Up Below Aston Top Lock

We left the lovely Montgomery Canal this morning after a pleasant cruise from Queen's Head. Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush are staying there another week, so we said goodbye for now. Ben and I walked a few miles with the boat although Eric cursed me when the boat got stuck in the mud when he pulled in to let us walk. He had to use a long pole in the end as he was really stuck! We stopped on the Weston Arm to use the services including getting rid of a weeks rubbish- this is the only BW skip on this canal. Then we went up the four locks with the help of the lock keeper. At the top were some more boats waiting to come down the flight including a pair of hotel boats. We headed towards Ellesmere and there were loads of boats cruising in the sunshine and many more went past after we moored up just before the 48 hour moorings opposite the BW Services. It's the busiest I have ever seen Ellesmere- it must be the sunshine bringing everybody out.


nblazydays said...

We came past you this morning on our5 way to Llangollen, I thought that I recognized the name.

Elsie said...

Hello, sorry we didn't see you- so many boats have passed us since we moored up. Just had a look at your blog- the Monty is shallow in places but at least you don't meet so many boats. Enjoy your travels, Elsie & Eric