Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday- 10 Boats Going Down (The Monty)

Waiting at Frankton Locks

Ben waiting too!

This morning we woke up to a bit of sun. It's still cold though due to the cold wind. We were going down the Frankton Locks onto Montgomery Canal. I can remember coming here when my girls were very young when the locks went nowhere as there was no water below the first lock. We walked down the bed of the canal through the first canal bridge (Bridge 70) wondering when the water would flow again. The bridge numbering is confusing because Bridge 1 is near Hurleston on the Llangollen Canal and the numbers continue on down the Montgomery Canal to make the first bridge number 70. The bridge numbers start again with 1W at Frankton Junction until Bridge 49 at the Horseshoe Falls at Berwyn. Colin the lock keeper was as usual working one side of each lock and carefully managing the water so none was wasted. Today ten boats went down so we stayed at our mooring just around the corner from the junction waiting for the other boats to go and finally went down last. I went round to have a look at the boats going down and met a couple on NB Lola with their two dogs. Ben was recognised by them as they read my blog. My apologies I didn't think to ask your names.

We stopped at the Weston Arm to use the facilities, and we ate lunch while the water filled. We couldn't stay there anyway because there was no room to moor as the other boats were spaced out. We went through Graham Palmer Lock dropping down a few feet and began the slow passage down towards Queen's Head and Aston Locks. We stopped below the first lock on the armco as it's much quieter than mooring near roads at Queen's Head and we knew we could also get a satellite signal. I am feeling shattered today with all this fresh air and working six locks- I really am not used to working locks after our winter rest!

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