Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Down To Grindley Brook

Nearly A Shiny Boat!

On Tuesday we moved from Whitchurch just as far as Grindley Brook and Eric had turned around before Ben and I got there. I stopped to talk to a couple from Llanelli who moor their boat at Whixall and were out for the weekend. The welsh flag on the boat had started the conversation.We stopped briefly near the services and then moved up to the waterpoint to fill up with water. The water tank took an age to fill up and then we moved up to the 48 hour moorings.

We stayed put on Wednesday as Eric wanted to wash and polish the other side of the boat as well as cleaning the accumulated dirt on the front deck. Ben was waiting for me to play ball but we went for a long walk instead. We walked back up to the bridge over the canal leading into a Woodland Trust called Danson's Wood and followed the well worn paths and ended up crossing a road (A41) following footpaths we'd discovered the day before. Ben had a great time jumping stiles!

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