Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aston Locks Nature Reserves

We moved from Maesbury Marsh up through two locks to moor up just below Aston Top Lock. It was a lovely cruise with beautiful weather and BW had removed the offending branch so we passed by without any mishaps this time. We passed the Nature Reserve alongside Aston Bottom Lock and planned to go for a walk down there later on. You can access it from Aston Middle Lock as well. There's also another smaller nature reserve by Aston Top Lock.

Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush were moored at Queen's Head and Alan came down to see us in the afternoon. We decided to stay put until Sunday so we changed our passage booked through the locks from Saturday to Sunday. On Friday we popped into Oswestry on the bus to get some fresh food- there's a big Morrisons by the bus station. NB Shush came down one lock in the afternoon and moored up with us- so we had a good catch up. NB Felicitas moored up as well- their from Cardiff so it was three welsh boats together.

It's such a pleasant place to stop and it's so dark here at night you can see loads of stars you don't usually see. Ben likes it too as we're not far away from Aston Nature Reserve which is a good place for a walk. Walking along the towpath on this canal there are wild flowers galore including primroses, wood anemones, celandines and a few cowslips. There's a pair of pheasants near our mooring and in the night there are some very noisy frogs - one boater thought it sounded like a duck with a cold!

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