Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ben's First Train Journey

My Dad and I

Daddy's Girl!

On Tuesday Liz and I took the dogs for a nice long walk up to the Horseshoe Falls. My plan was to make sure Ben had plenty of exercise before his very first train journey. Eric, Ben the dog and myself caught the bus to Ruabon and then waited on the train station for the Newport train. It arrived and Ben was keen to get on and was soon settled quite happily under the table on the train- at one point he even went to sleep. Luckily the train was quiet and we had no trouble getting a table seat. Ben was very keen to get off the train in Newport and couldn't wait to get off the station and away from the noise of trains and people. We walked along the streets to get to my daughter's house- where we stayed for a few days. Ben was delighted to see her greeting her with lots of licks.

Ben and I explored the towpath of the derelict Crumlin arm of the Mon and Brec Canal noticing several locks now had gates. It would be great to see it all restored but it's such a slow process costing a lot of money. It is hoped to connect the canal to the River Usk in the future which may make it available to more boats but I don't fancy a trip across the Severn Estuary. If the barrage was ever built it would make the canal accessible to boats.

I took a few photos while I was in Newport and here's my granddaughter Gwenllian who will be 2 in April with her dad Gerwyn. Eric took the photo of me and my dad- he'll be 83 in April.
I forgot to say the return journey went without a hitch- Ben was really good on the train and buses back to Llangollen.

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