Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Girl- I'm An Old Aged Traveller!

Very early this morning I took Ben outside to relieve himself and surprised Alan and Eiddwen who were putting a birthday banner and helium balloon on the boat. They'd set their alarm for seven o'clock hoping to do it before I went outside but Ben must have heard them. I've had loads of cards and phonecalls as well as a nice lunch out with Eric. As you know if you read my blog I had a new camera for my birthday and today I had some new walking boots too. I can't believe I'm an OAP or should I say OAT! Now I can buy my senior railcard and get my free bus pass!


Sue said...

Oh my! Join the club Elsie!

A very happy birthday to you from the both of us, hope you have a lovely evening.. Think of all that money you will save.. trouble is while you are waiting for that bus pass you are going to be seathing about boardig a bus and having to pay in the meantime! xx


anne said...

Happy birthday, Elsie.....in my mind's eye I still see that 18 year old college student! enjoy your travels anne

Elsie said...

Hi Sue,

My bus pass will be for Wales so it won't be much good when we're travelling but will be useful when we moor up In Llangollen for the winter. I'll keep following your travels.

Regards Elsie

Hi Anne,

I certainly don't see that when I look in the mirror! How are you? Email me with your news.

Regards Elsie

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns Elsie.
I received my travel pass last week,
My birthday was 8/2/50.
Our bus pathes however will not cross as my pass is for England only.
I hope to see you on the cut one day as that is still our dream.
Best wishes, Laurie.
Jan and Laurie, Eastham Wirral.

Elsie said...

Hi Laurie,

I hope your deam comes true- there's lots of lovely people living this life on the cut.

Regards Elsie

Jen Frew said...

Happy Birthday Elsie!!!
Sorry it's belated!!!!
Hope you had a great day!!!

Sue said...

Hi Elsie,
I am re-reading your winter 09/10 blog as I just had a week there with my dear friend Les on 'Valerie'.
Am so impressed with your long walks in bad conditions. I was quite unable to tackle the hill/mountain! to the ruin!! No breath for upwards and no knees for downwards!
Am cross with gov about bus pass - we all live in the same country eh?
You cannot use yours in England and we could not use ours in Wales. Daft or what?!?!
Will you be anywhere in the Bedfordshire waters this summer? Would be so lovely to meet you both, and Ben of course! He seems a great playmate!
Sue Livens