Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Boater's Lunch At The Wild Pheasant Hotel

My Favourite View of Castell Dinas Bran

This week we had another get together at the Wild Pheasant, which is a short walk from town along the A5 towards Berwyn. We had a table for twelve reserved for us and the food and company was great. Soon some of the boaters are off on their travels never to return to Llangollen and others love Llangollen so much they have bought a house here. Moira and Mike on NB Blue Toad are returning to Tasmania after an enjoyable few years on the cut. They certainly livened us up by organising Christmas Eve and Australia Day Barbeques on the wharf. Angela and Trevor on NB Libertybelle organised our boater's lunches and will certainly be missed next year on the wharf although I'm sure we'll meet again as they will be living in Llangollen. The rest of us are going our separate ways but planning to return to our 'winter home' in November. Approaching Llangollen from Trevor with Castell Dinas Bran in sight always make me feel this is coming home for me after spending the last three winters here.

Eric and I are meandering along to Ellesmere where NB Bendigedig is going in the BW dry dock to have her bottom blacked. NB Shush is having the same treatment the week after- the lads are going to be busy. Eric says if it's too much like hard work then next time we'll get a boatyard to do it. Our only plan is eventually to go south at Hurleston Junction and have a leisurely cruise on familiar waterways. We have no planned routes as it's nice to be free to take each day as it comes -after all we've plenty of time.


LES said...

I remember climbing up to Castell Dinas Bran last year and boy was it worth the huffing and puffing with views to die for all around.
I just love the Lanni canal and will visit again this year.

LES Nb Valerie

Elsie said...

Hi Les,

I hope you're feeling better. I love wintering here as it gives me the chance to do lots of huffing and puffing as we explore the area. The views from the top of Trevor Rocks are good too. May see you again on our travels this year.

Regards Elsie & Eric