Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Post Lets Me Down

I posted cards to my two daughters for their birthdays in plenty of time to get there. They were correctly stamped with first class stamps and addressed correctly and posted in the box outside Llangollen Post Office due to be collected Monday at 5pm. My one daughter received her card on Wednesday morning but my other daughter is still waiting and her birthday was Thursday 28th of January. Is it lost or will she eventually get it ? How much mail goes walkabout? You can do nothing about it unless you have a certificate of posting! It's not the fact the card wasn't delivered is now I feel I can't trust our postal service.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I was in the PO yesterday and the chap in front posted a letter for guaranteed next day delivery to arrive Monday and it cost him a fiver. I sent my two Grandsons a postcard each and they arrived 2 days apart.

Sue said...

I have had many birthday cards go missing to my family. I think a lot of them are opened and the odd tenner taken out.

I don't send any money anymore, usually buy something online or an online gift voucher sent seperately.

I remember some time ago a guy working from the post office was jailed after it was proven that he had hundreds and hundreds out of birthday card envelopes.

I'ts the size and shape that gives them away, and all too often they are in pastal shaded envelopes.

Hope she gets her card though.

Glad to see you two enjoy the Llangollen again, give my regards to Angela.


Elsie said...

Hi Sue,

The cards had pretty silver envelopes so it was obvious they were cards. Yes it's the last time I put cash in a card! I'll have to choose cards that look like bill envelopes or postcards or just send ecards.

I'll say hello to Angela for you- they've bought a house in Llangollen and the boat will be for sale at Crick very soon!

I'm enjoying your blog although we're quite happily moored up for the winter.

Regards Elsie

Hi Brian & Diana,

It would be worth sending recorded delivery next time. Postcards seem a better bet. I suppose I was lucky my birth and marriage certificates didn't go walk about when I applied for my state pension.

Regards Elsie

SnowyOwl said...

I have found that putting the birthday card inside a brown envelope helps the delivery. That way it is not so easy for the postie to guess its a card. I have stopped sending cash though.