Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Snow In Llangollen

Yesterday Liz and I took the dogs for a four hour walk following a route in 'Walks Around Llangollen' by David Berry. We'd been talking about tackling the route on the limestone plateau above the limestone escarpment called Trevor Rocks and today the sun was out so off we went even though there was a thin layer of snow and ice underfoot. We set off along the canal and followed a track upwards from the canal. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the route up as there were deep piles of fallen leaves and they rolled around playing. It was then some road walking with Ben on a very short lead before we reached the start of the walk. We climbed steadily upwards with a bitterly cold wind in our faces- on went the hats and the gloves- stopping for a breather and checking we were going the right way.Lots of snow higher up covering ice so we had to take care to stay upright. There were brilliant views of Llangollen, the Dee valley, Lantisilio Mountains and we were even higher up than Castell Dinas Bran. The dogs enjoyed being off the lead but Ben didn't quite know what to make off the overhead motorised hang gliders- something he'd not seen before. He went back along the footpath for a short distance before deciding he'd better come with us. Further along the walk we turned right at the three way direction post and followed a marked permissive footpath eventually taking us down hill again. Back to road walking following the road back to the start of the walk and then retracing our route downhill to the canal. The dogs enjoyed a run along the towpath while we sauntered along- our pace was certainly slower on the way back. Back on the boat Ben has been asleep for hours- he must have been shattered!

IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE! The snow started last night so it looks like our morning walk will be a pretty sight. Snow's lovely when it's all fresh and white- viewed from inside the boat! Although I love going for a walk as long as it's not too frozen as I'll end up flat on a back. I forgot to say I had a fall in slow motion on ice yesterday but no damage done.

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