Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lots More Snow Today

Strange Snowflakes!
NB Bendigedig At Our New Mooring

A View from The Bow

About three inches of snow had fallen overnight and it was still coming down when I took Ben out early this morning. The photo I took was strange in the flashlight as the tiny snowflakes caught the light. Eric took the others in daylight while I was out walking the dogs with Liz from NB Henry.

Today the coal man delivered coal to the boats moored up at Llangollen for the winter. It was a case of many hands make light work as the boaters helped each other bring the coal to each boat. Now we've enough coal for a fortnight and then he'll be back with another load. Ben and Connie were patiently waiting to go for a walk so on with the layers to keep warm and we set off for a two hour walk to Horseshoe Falls and back in the snow. The snow was still falling and getting deeper as we walked along the towpath. In the field by the falls there was about ten inches of snow and a couple of boys with sledges enjoying the snow until Ben decided to bark at them. He'd not seen bodies hurtling down the hill on sledges before. He wasn't keen to leave them be but followed us to the other side of the gate so they could carry on without his noise. Back on the boat now in the warm, a casserole slowly cooking in the oven for tea so we're all sorted for another day.

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