Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Melting Today

Eric and Ben the dog(ball in mouth)

Today the canal ice melted and the water is flowing freely again although large chunks of floating ice have banged into the boat. With the thaw came problems for BW as the pipes in the ladies toilet sprung a few leaks- Nick to the rescue to turn off the stop cock - it was too hard for me! We'll be able to use the elsan disposal without taking a bucket of water with you to flush it! Also the heaters are fixed which means the pipes shouldn't refreeze. It was nice to see the return of the ducks as they paddle by on the lookout for breakfast- open the side hatch and they're there straight away. The mandarin duck and his mate are still around with the mallards.

Today we had a good walk of about two and a half hours, along the canal to Berwyn Station and climbing up the hill opposite Dinas Bran overlooking the Dee Valley. Lots of fresh snow so the dogs had a great time running and rolling in it. Most of the walk they were able to run free which was good as Ben pulling me along when it's slippery is not good. I managed to stay on my feet today. The trees in the woods were covered in snow giving a picture postcard scene but we couldn't see Dinas Bran clearly on the hill opposite us from the viewpoint due to the misty weather. A good phone signal up there so I rang the coal man to order some coal while I remembered.

Back on the boat Eric had made us lunch of nice hot soup and bread and after that I was decidedly lazy and so was Ben- he actually went to sleep. Update on Eric - he is feeling a lot better now although the very cold weather is not good for his chest.

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