Sunday, January 24, 2010

Doggy Playtimes

Thanks to Liz and Nick for the photographs of Ben and Connie playing together.

Not much going on here on NB Bendigedig although yesterday the sun came out and made me clean the interior brass after Ben had his long walk. Eric gave Bendy a birthday and washed the one side of the boat as well as giving the bow and stern a really good clean. The decks had a scrub as he'd bought a long handled scrubbing brush!

While he was busy washing the boat Liz and I took the dogs out for a nice long circular walk on a familiar route above Valle Crucis Abbey. It's a great walk for the dogs as they can spend most of the time off their leads. On his lead Ben is a pain so with Liz's help he is in the process of learning to walk next to me. It involves holding him back on a very short lead and saying back all the time. He is so strong it's hard work so lets hope he eventually gets the message! Liz says it may take some time!

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