Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Walking The Dog Around Llangollen

Eric has gone to Newport to visit family and do the doctor and dentist checkups leaving Ben and I on the boat. So we've had plenty of time to go for some lovely long walks which Ben loves. I enjoy being out and about too, but have to take my time on the hills- old age doesn't come alone. I see to get a bit more achy after a long walk but otherwise I'm still going strong- after all I hit the big 60 in February. Ben just comes back and goes to sleep- the sign of a good walk!

On Monday we were had an four hour walk to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and back to Llangollen about eight miles and all flat. It was lovely as Ben could run free other than the section near the road. We met a few collies with their owners including a boater called Eric who'd just done the Ribble Link and his pair of collies. Ben loved meeting all the dogs. No bikes about and no runners- it was a lovely walk and it stayed dry although it was rather windy.

Today we sampled the delights of Dinas Bran the castle ruins which overlook Llangollen and Ben is fast asleep. I am not good on hills so it was a slow process with Ben patiently waiting for me as we got to the zig-zag path up to the castle itself. Rather than retrace our steps we clambered down the other side of the hill facing Trevor Rocks. At the bottom a bench waited for me to have a breather before we sent off down the lane which is Wern Road-downhill all the way! It took two hours in total. Now I'm drinking coffee and eating my lunch and Ben is still asleep until NB Henry arrives when no doubt he'll wake up to see his best pal Connie with her owners Liz and Nick. They've arrived and moored up in front of us and Connie came to call for Ben! They are now charging up and down the towpath and rolling in the leaves!

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Jen said...

Sound like you're making the most of life!!! I'm really enjoying following your blogs!! keep up the writing!!
Take care!!
Jen and the rest of us!!!!