Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still Walking The Dog(s)

A View From Walk 3

Yesterday Liz and I took the dogs for a walk along the canal towards the Horseshoe Falls and then returned to the boats via a walk in the hills opposite Dinas Bran. The dogs enjoyed the three mile walk but we were planning another longer walk for Thursday- weather permitting and I was choosing! I had a look at 'Kittiwake Walks Around Llangollen' and decided on Walk 3 a six mile walk exploring an area south of Llangollen overlooking Pengwern Vale. Eric and I had walked it before but he said never again! Liz was game so we set off with our packed luches as it was a long way and I knew we wouldn't be back for at the very least 4 hours. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the walk through Pen-y-coed wood exploring all the smells, although it involves a climb up and then back down to cross fields with sheep in near a caravan site. The route involved a very boggy piece of ground and I soon had one wet foot as I need some new boots. Liz's walking poles stopping us getting stuck in the mud and the dog's didn't care about the mud.

The next section involves a long climb up a track used by mountain bikers- I needed lots of stops to admire the scenery ( get my breath back) but we finally reached the top. Oh no - a field of cows ahead so we stopped for lunch before we faced the herd! All I can say it it was a dung and mud covered track and we got filthy as did the dogs. We walked straight ahead with the dogs on short leads- no stopping to admire any views and got out of that field as quickly as possible- Liz going under what used to be a stile and me going over it. We didn't open the gate as a cow was looking at us! As we left the field a tractor went by and then the farmer reversed back to ask 'what was wrong with the gate?'- we said 'nothing was wrong' and he said 'well why didn't you use it?' He obviously didn't realise we just wanted to get out of there!

Back on the road we walked along a country road and finally turned right to take a lane which turned into a rough track down into Llangollen. I remembered this bit very well and the track was very wet, very rough , very muddy and very steep just as I remembered it. The dogs would need a hose down as did our boots when we finally got back to the boats. To put it mildly we were filthy, wet and tired but it was so much better being outside enjoying the countryside. I just needed to get cleaned up and put my feet up while tea cooks in the oven- Ben is fast asleep- for a while!

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