Friday, November 27, 2009

A Quick Update

Since I last blogged I have been swimming- no not in the canal -in the nearby leisure centre. I have also been walking the dog with Liz and Connie- Ben's best pal. I've had wet feet several times but now I've got my new walking boots which feel rather stiff but hopefully should soon soften up. Thanks Paula for keeping the mail.

I had an early birthday present of a walking pole from Connie with a note attached saying it was to ensure I reached the big 60 as it'll help me up and down the slippery slopes. I also had a letter telling me how much my old age pension will be and I just find it hard to believe that you have to pay tax on it. What is the point of the government encouraging you to make voluntary contributions to increase your pension and then taxing you even more if you happen to have a works pension.

This week I've been visiting to Newport to see family and friends- it was nice to see my dad, my girls and granddaughter Gwenllian. The journey down to south Wales was uneventful although it was cold on the train, but coming back to Llangollen the train was packed as it only had two carriages. I was lucky enough to get a seat but there were lots of people standing. Needless to say the train back was much warmer. I had flu and swine flu jabs at my doctors because I have asthma, so now I have two sore arms! Even us lesser mortals get asthma!

Now I'm back home on the boat and Ben was certainly pleased to see me and so was Eric as his back is very achy and I can take over the dog walking again!

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