Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Active!

Horseshoe Falls (November 2008)

On Monday I had a text from Liz asking if we were going walking- she expected a different reply as the weather was not good, but I said OK but not too far! We ended up walking along the canal to 'The Chain Bridge Hotel' and then going to Valle Crucis Abbey and walking in the hills east of the abbey. The dogs had a great time and the rain stayed away until we got back to the boat.

On Wednesday we tried a new activity 'Aqua Aerobics' and it was good fun. Before we went it was find the swimsuit mine hadn't seen the light of day for years- yes I said years! The pool at Plas Madoc was lovely and warm and Maggie, Liz and I were soon getting active. I'm not particularly co-ordinated but I did my best and nobody could see what my legs were doing any way. It was fun and nice to do something different. We had a go at Line Dancing on Thursday but it wasn't for me - my feet are definitely both left!

Today we had a walk along the towpath in the rain to see Horseshoe Falls which was pretty spectacular with all the flood water coming down the Dee- very different from this time last year. It's a weir near the place where the feeder comes off the Dee to feed the Llangollen Canal. Liz and I got rather wet- I had soggy feet! The dogs were wet and mud splattered until they had a dip in the canal to clean up where the side of the canal is a grassy bank. Connie had a swim and Ben just paddles but they came out much cleaner.

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