Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windy And Wild Today

We've been sitting on a mooring at Ellesmere for ten days only moving to use the services when we needed to fill up the water tank. I went for a short visit to Newport taking advantage of Arriva Club 55 tickets where us over 55's can travel on Arriva trains for just £15 return.(offer available until early November). I also delivered the prescription repeats to our doctors as I couldn't rely on the post getting them there in time for Eric to be able to collect our supplies next week when he goes for a check up. I stayed with my dad and managed to fit in visits to see my daughters and granddaughter in the short time I was there. I returned on Saturday afternoon and we decided to move in the morning. Alan on NB Shush had already made a start on the journey to our winter mooring in Llangollen.

Well Sunday morning came and even though the clocks went back an hour I was up fairly early for me. The wind was certainly up so boating would be a challenge today. First of all I needed to take Ben the dog for a walk before we went and we also needed bread and milk to keep us going. So we headed down to get some water and I made toasties for lunch while the tank filled- it's very slow at the BW Services in Ellesmere. Turning around would be fun with the wind but I held the bow rope standing on the towpath and Eric used the wind to help him turn the boat around.

Soon we were on our way with the wind making manoeuvering difficult when we had to slow down to wait for a boat coming through a bridge hole. Before we knew it we were passing the junction with the Montgomery Canal and mooring up at 2pm. A couple of hours later Ben and I went for a walk down the locks and as usual he had a paddle and a drink in the canal before we came back to the boat. It's been a funny old day as it's only 8pm and it feels later with the clocks going back and it's ever so dark outside!

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