Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walking In Ellesmere

Not doing much since we moored up in Ellesmere other than walking Ben the dog. I've been rediscovering the places we've walked before. Ben loves walks in the woods (Shropshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve) near the canal and looks at me at each junction of the paths to see which way we're going today. It's a great place as he can run free and enjoy all the smells. It's not flat so I have to get used to the steps and inclines without getting out of breath. I need to get in training for those welsh hills in Llangollen!

We've also been walking over the fields (Castlefields) and through the tree filled 'Garden Terraces' and alongside 'The Mere' and Ben enjoys his usual have a paddle and a drink at the same time. I didn't know the names of the places but there's now an information board by the mere showing me. The weather has been amazing for October although it's quite cold before the sun comes up. It's a lovely time of year with crunchy leaves and busy squirrels chasing up the trees, collecting nuts for the winter. Loads of conkers lay on the ground under the trees alongside the lake waiting for the children to pick them up but nobody plays conkers anymore- it's health and safety gone mad.

We've been taking advantage of the closeness of Tesco on the Ellesmere Arm to replenish the cupboards. Into town though for a big bag of sticks as it's cold in the evenings and the coal fire gets lit. A few small shops have closed which seems inevitable as they can't compete with Tesco but there's still everything you need in Ellesmere. The Ellesmere Arm is filling up with winter moorers waiting for the 1st of November when winter moorings begin. The BW signs have gone up 'Winter Moorings Payment Required' in readiness. We'll be moving on to Llangollen Winter Moorings which is more convenient as there's a north Wales to south Wales train station nearby and our family is in south wales.

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