Sunday, October 04, 2009

Moving North On The Trent And Mersey Canal

We've moved on further north and did ten locks in two hours- unbelievably a record for us- they just were all full and ready to go down. We stopped the night above the locks at Wheelock but our night was disturbed by youths going past at 1.30am. Ben woke us up barking loudly as they passed and they didn't hang around. We moved on in the morning down the locks to Wheelock and were in luck as a coal boat came behind us and we were able to buy some coal- we only had half a bucket left. We stopped at the waterpoint to fill up and I went to get a newspaper and milk before continuing our cruise for just a few hours away to moor in the vicinity of Sandbach. It's very quiet with no other boats moored up here.
Ben and I walked most of the way and he enjoyed the chance to run free without his lead as there weren't any bikes about. As soon as were tied up to the bank Eric found the dot in the sky and was soon sitting comfortably ready to watch 'The Grand Prix' after lunch. He didn't want to watch it earlier as 5 am is far too early to be up watching TV even if it is F1 Racing. We're enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon reading the papers from cover to cover and Ben the dog is making sure we give him some attention too by giving us his ball to throw along the boat. Lots of people are going past dog walking and a few boats have gone past too.

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