Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moored At Poacher's Pocket

Poacher's Pocket

We left our moorings at the top of Frankton Locks and cruised towards 'Poacher's Pocket' where Alan on NB Shush was moored up. Ben and I enjoyed an hours walk along the towpath where he introduced himself to the crew of NB Eezyduzit by putting his head through the open hatch - he's a nosey dog! Eric the boat owner recognised Ben as he reads the blog and introduced me to his wife Patsy. We had a nice chat it's always lovely to talk to people who read my ramblings. I'd walked on ahead of NB Bendigedig but Eric caught us up when we stopped to have a chat.

I continued walking for a while but got aboard to make a cuppa before we got to the last two locks of the year. A boat tied up at Jack Mytton's rushed to untie to go in front of us. At the locks the steerer said they didn't want to lose their place in the queue but there wasn't a queue going to Llangollen any way. There was a long queue coming from Llangollen though. We moored up just behind NB Shush and began the task of finding a satellite signal- Eric managed it but as the quality of the signal was poor we lost it if the boat moved! In the field opposite the boats there were several fat pheasants- no poachers though! We don't usually stop here and this morning I know why- the road noise kept me awake for ages. I like to moor well away from roads so tonight it'll have to be a a quiet spot as I need my beauty sleep.

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