Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Meeting Up With NB Henry

NB Henry

We decided to move on when the rain stopped, Ben and I had a lovely walk with crunchy Autumn leaves underfoot. I had a phone call from Liz on NB Henry as they weren't far away. We worked through Church Munshall Lock and stopped just before the next lock to get some oil at Venetian Marine. One more lock and we were heading for Barbridge Junction slowly past all the moored boats. We turned left on the lookout for NB Henry which was moored nearby. We spotted them and moored up behind. Ben was delighted to see Connie and they enjoyed their usual charging up and down the towpath at great speed and rolling around play fighting. It was great to see Liz and Nick - we had a good catch up over a cuppa on their boat.
In the early morning just as the sun was coming up I took the photo of their boat in the mist coming off the canal. A few minutes later Nick and Connie emerged off for their early morning walk. Connie popped on the boat to see Ben but I was still in my pyjamas so he couldn't go too.


anne said...

having trouble with e-mail,,so sending this via blog...meeting jen haines tomorrow , for 2 hrs, near here,,,37 years since we met,,anne

Elsie said...

Hi Anne, just read your email. Hope you had a good catch up- it's been a long time since we were all at Shenstone in Bromsgrove. Speak to you soon, love Elsie x