Friday, October 30, 2009

The Last Few Miles

We cruised across the Ponty Aqueduct and moored up next to the diesel pump to fill up before the last few miles to our winter mooring on Llangollen Wharf. Anglowelsh staff were going to lunch so we walked up to the pub and had a drink while we waited for them to come back from lunch. We self declared 100% as we will be using fuel for heating only once we're at Llangollen as we've no plans to move anyway as the water level is due to be lowered so that repair work can be done nearby.

We crawled along the last section - it's shallow and you really notice the flow against you. Of course the leaves on the prop didn't help, Eric had to put the boat in reverse briefly to clear the propeller. Last year it was snowing as we came along this section but the weather is so much warmer this year. We got through the first narrow section easily enough as I'd walked ahead with Ben the dog to ask the one boat coming towards us to pull over in the passing place as three boats were coming through. We moored near the swing bridge while I walked on to find out if there was room to moor up on the wharf where we moor up for the winter. The BW guy said as long as we paid the £6 a night fee we could moor up as our winter mooring officially starts Sunday 1st of November.

I rang Eric and Alan to let them know it was OK to come down and inform them there were no boats coming through the final narrow section towards them. Very soon we were all moored up and plugged in to the electricity which had been changed from free to a card reader for the winter. Eric managed to get satellite TV but Alan had to move a boat length along to get a signal so it looks like we aren't friends anymore! Ben just has to walk a little further to get his morning biscuits off Alan on NB Shush. Back in Wales it always feels like I'm home again!

We lit the fire and settled down for a peaceful night but the CO alarm went off a few hours later. We couldn't smell anything but opened the doors and windows to clear the air so the alarm stopped, We let the fire go out as we didn't plan on being killed by carbon monoxide overnight. In the morning we replaced the fire door rope seal and swept the chimney. The fire's lit again know and the alarm is silent- mission accomplished. Ben and I are off for a walk before it gets dark.

Update- I put CO2 not CO sorry! Thanks Bill

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Bill Rodgers said...

Is it CO or CO2? Either way it paid for itself and glad it worked!