Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Cold And Misty Morning

Bendy In The Mist
Misty Waters

We woke up on Monday morning to a cold boat with lots of condensation on the windows so it must have been a cold night too. The fire was soon lit, the windows wiped and the boat temperature rose. We only had four locks to work through but it took two hours as we had to fill each lock before we could use it and we were in a queue of four boats heading north. I think I'm jinxed as I dropped my new aluminium windlass in the cut one lock after the lock I lost one going down- I put it down but it bounced in the cut! Ben and I had a pleasant walk until the road is next to the towpath so it was time to get back aboard. We arrived at Kings Lock at dinner time so we had fish and chips from the excellent shop opposite the lock. After that we had a walk into Middlewich to the DIY shop for some brass screws and a drill bit but came away with an orbital sander as it was only £13.99! I popped in Tesco for some fruit and veg, bread and milk before heading back to the boat.

We decided to move on away from the busy road so we went through Kings Lock and stopped at the junction with the Middle Branch of the Shroppie to get water before going through Wardle Lock. Maureen who lives in the lock cottage was there and she asked me to ring her daughter abroad for her as she was having trouble with getting through. It was soon sorted- Ben wondered where I'd gone! Two locks later and a short cruise and we moored up, it's usually very busy at the visitor moorings but it was deserted.

We had a quiet night and in the morning the boat was toasty as we'd kept the fire in. The rain was pouring down so it looks like we'll be fair weather boaters and stay put unless the weather gets a better. We've no schedule to worry about as we've plenty of time to get to our winter mooring in Llangollen.

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Kay said...

I do love the mystery of mist. We don't see much of it here in Hawaii.