Monday, September 14, 2009

Retracing Our Steps

We left Stourport behind and we all enjoyed a pleasant cruise reaching Falling Sands Lock without even meeting another boat. At Caldwell Lock an interesting sight greeted us- a boat going up the lock stuck half in the lock and half out- jammed! They had tried to use their boat to open a gate which failed to go back properly and got stuck. We offered to pull them out and with both boats in reverse and a flush of water through the gate we managed it. Next job was to try and find the obstruction with the long pole as BW could be ages. We closed the gates and filled the lock for a hireboater who offered to try and dislodge the obstruction when he went down the lock. Luckily he managed to move the offending masonry with his boat hook so the gates opened properly and he could get out and we could all use the lock.

We passed through Kidderminster without stopping today- cupboards and fridge still full from our last visit to Tesco. We didn't see any boats but lots of gongoozlers about at all the locks. At Wolverley we felt like the floor show with the pub right next to the lock. We passed through Kinver and headed for Stourton Junction where the Stourbridge Canal goes off- it's closed at the moment. Lots more boats about now and the locks were easier as we could leave the gates open for the oncoming boats. We finally moored up at Swindon (again) as we knew we could satellite TV and Eric wanted to watch the Grand Prix on Sunday. I wanted a nice lazy day reading the papers and using my laptop after I'd taken Ben for a long walk. But he wouldn't go far as I'd planned he freaked at some gun noise and wanted to go back. He's now curled up asleep!

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