Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Week Has Come And Gone

Nothing much has gone on this week out of the ordinary. The high winds have cleared most of the leaves off the trees and those which had collected on the boat roof. We've had loads of rain lashing down on the boat and it's been quite cold too, but we've just wrapped up warm and done the usual dog walking, ball throwing and shopping.

On Wednesday it felt a lot warmer without the cold wind and we had the front doors open. Ben had a surprise visitor- Connie ( from NB Henry) was passing and hopped on the boat, pushed open the gate which keeps him in and came visiting. They both then went outside to chase each other and playfight rolling around in the fallen leaves. After a good play Ben came back onboard for a lie down and Connie went home with Nick her owner. It's funny really everytime we pass their narrowboat Connie hops off to play with Ben- it must be love!

We've also done the usual house keeping chores and Eric has refilled the stern gland tube ready for our trip to Trevor to refill the diesel tank in the next few weeks. The Mikuni central heating is quite a thirsty beast even though it's only set to provide background heating most of the time. In the mornings we put it on at a higher temperature to heat the water as we haven't got an immersion heater. Our main heat is from the multi fuel stove which at present is being fed with Excel delivered by the coal man at £8.25 for 25kg.

We've had hard frosts which made walking a crunchy experience rather than a muddy one. Ben and Connie had a lovely long walk towards Trevor while Liz and I had a good chat. They played chase and had a lovely time wanting all the dogs we met to play too. It's a pity I didn't take any photos of them playing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Alan

Alan & Eiddwen (July 2008)

Last weekend we celebrated Alan's special birthday with a meal at the Bridge End Inn accompanied by a few drinks. As usual the food was excellent and we had a good chat.The pub was soon full of youngsters (twenty somethings) and rather noisy so we escaped to the quiet of the boat.

The leaves are continuing to fall here but I've just spotted some catkins on a tree- the seasons have gone mad. We are enjoying the peace and quiet here and we still see and hear lots of birds. Rabbits run along the grassy bank and owls hoot in the night. Nevertheless we are near Llangollen so can easily get the shopping. It also means I can visit the library and take out some books to read on these long winter evenings.

This week we went and did the Christmas shopping in Wrexham- it was quite strange buying for a baby after all these years. Yes Lisa we've got noisy things as requested for Gwenllian. There's a new Debenhams and M&S in Wrexham so of course we explored those. Ben was as good as gold while he was home alone and was rewarded with a new ball and a big chewy bone and of course a walk along the towpath.

We also had a visit from the Fire Service for a free home safety check. They replaced our fire alarm with two nice new ones free of charge.The new ones have a hush button which means Eric won't have to wave a magazine at the smoke alarm when I'm grilling or frying bacon! They are in Llangollen this week to promote smoke alarms due to the death of John- a lovely old bloke who walked his dog Tim along the towpath everyday. John always stopped at the boat for a chat- we'll miss seeing him and Tim who loves carrying big stones in his mouth. Tim survived and is being looked after by a member of his family.

Today the sun is shining so I'm off for a nice long walk with Ben the dog. No doubt there'll be plenty of mud and puddles but we don't care- splashing in puddles is all part of the fun!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

We've settled in to our winter mooring at Llangollen- I can't believe we've been here two weeks already. We don't get up very early and many people have seen me in my dressing gown taking Ben out for his first 'call of nature' of the day. He's very good he goes out about ten pm and doesn't go out again til nine am the next day. If he needs to go before I get a lick to wake me up!

By the time we've showered and dressed it's morning walk time- on go the boots as it's rather muddy along the tow path. Whatever the weather we still go as Ben is not concerned- he just loves a walk. We walked up to Horseshoe Falls this week and it managed to stay dry for the four mile walk. I think it should be called a weir not a falls as it's not a dramatic falls which the name implies. On the way we met some canoeists playing ball in the canal and Ben would have loved to get at their ball. Sometimes we go and play ball in the field by the marina and Ben has a paddle in the canal. He's got a new pal here at the wharf -Connie the dog off NB Henry and he loves to roll around and play chase with her. Nic and Liz (her owners) said she misses Simba off NB Khayamanzi moored at Brinklow Marina.
Eric has an infection in his leg and it's getting better so don't fret Paula! We went the doctors Monday morning and he was seen in the afternoon which was excellent service. Just signed on as a temporary patient with no fuss whatsoever.
We're enjoying being near the shops as we can go and get just what we need rather than have to stock up. We had some dragon sausages from the butcher- they had chilli in them and were rather hot! Gotta go now as it'll soon be walk time again as by 4.30pm it's dark. I hope I haven't bored you to death!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Boats At Llangollen Wharf

Just come back from a pleasant walk along the towpath with Ben the dog and Eric took this photograph when he spotted us approaching.The trees are later this year losing their leaves and we're surrounded by the colours of Autumn. Ben enjoyed dragging a huge branch back along the towpath but he left it when he saw the dog on board NB Henry out for a walk too with her owners. The dogs had a lovely time chasing along the towpath getting muddier by the minute.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's Bonfire NIght And Ben Hates It!

For the last few days Ben the dog has been suffering and tonight let's hope it'll be over. No he's not ill he just hates the bangs of all those fireworks going off and I'll be pleased when he stops whining and barking too. We've turned up the TV but his hearing is so good he still hears them. At the moment they've stopped so he's fast asleep!
Sorry there's been no blog but I've been back to Newport on my monthly visit. I booked my tickets in advance to take advantage of cheaper travel with the added bonus of a reserved seat. The journey to Newport was on a busy train which started its journey at Holyhead but two and a half hours later I was there. I collected our repeat prescriptions from the friendly chemist as it's been easier to keep our doctor in Newport. Obviously we sign on as temporary patients if we need to see a doctor more urgently.
A short walk later I was drinking a cup of coffee at my dad's house and having a chat. My daughter Clare came to see me after she finished work. My dad made us tea and we had a good natter. In the morning I had breakfast with my dad before going to get a haircut in Newport. Next stop was to visit my daughter Lisa and baby Gwen and enjoy being a grandma for the day. I hadn't changed a nappy in a while and was totally out of practice with pram pushing -the wheels seem to go just where they liked. My daughter Sally came to visit Lisa as well so Gwen had plenty of fuss and attention.
The return train journey to Ruabon was much quieter and after a short bus journey I was back on the boat- home at last. Ben the dog was delighted to see me and Eric was pleased to see me too.