Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Going North- North Oxford and Coventry Canals

An interesting house at Hartshill

Close up of the sign

Leaving Braunston and back on the North Oxford Canal and the towpath grass has been cut and in some places BW has been busy repairing the places where the towpath had been almost washed away. Ben and I have had some good walks with not a bike in sight meaning Ben could run free.
We had a quiet night out in the countryside and headed for Tesco in the morning to fill the food cupboard and the fridge. Hillmorton Locks were busy but with two chambers for each lock we moved quickly through. We didn't stay long in Rugby preferring to stop near Brinklow Marina and it was surprising how many boats are out and about. As usual lots of friendly boaters as well as those who look away-( too posh to speak), rather than acknowledge we said good day.

At Hawkesbury Junction it was very quiet and we filled up with water and passed through the lock to enter the Coventry Canal. We used the services and then we were off on our travels again planning to pass through Nuneaton as far as Hartshill for the night. The Coventry Canal is certainly busier than the Oxford and as usual we always met another boat on a blind corner or a bridge hole. One boat narrowly missed NB Shush, the skipper was making hand signals and expecting Alan to get out of his way. We were in luck near Hartshill as there was just enough room for us to stop away from trees so we could get a good view of the dot in the sky. It's only occasionally we can't get satellite TV.

In the morning we headed off down the first five locks at Atherstone where we stopped so Eric could catch a train to Tamworth. 14.07 on the Internet (British Rail Site) and the station timetable said the same but the train didn't arrive. We knew only a few trains stop at this station (two platforms with bus shelters) but we did expect the timetabled train to arrive. At the bus station we found out that the next bus to Tamworth was an hour later and this meant he'd miss the train from Tamworth to Newport. A taxi to Tamworth solved the problem although £15 lighter in the pocket.

Meanwhile on the boat Ben is sleeping after his evening walk, and I know he'll soon be wanting to play ball along the boat.

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