Saturday, August 23, 2008

Autherley Junction

NB President

After a quiet night at Penkridge we continued on towards Autherley Junction as our plan was to visit the IWA Boat Show if we could find mooring on the Shroppie and walk back. On the way to Autherley Junction we passed loads of boats moored up at the official show moorings. At Autherley Junction it was hectic to sat the least and we had to queue to go through the stop lock. Then it was slowly slowly past all the moored boats and in some places it was one way traffic. The moored boats stretched all the way up to Bridge 4 and then we found an empty Shropshire Union 48 hour Mooring, which did us fine as we only wanted to stop to visit the show on Saturday. Lots of boats came past us on Friday evening to turn around at the winding hole before heading back to their mooring and the photograph shows NB President pulling Kildare its butty.

We didn't bang about too much on the shroppie shelf as Eric had put down some long rubber fenders to try and stop the bumps. We were woken up by Ben barking at about 1.45am when he must have heard somebody about outside. Eric had a look with our powerful torch and had some nice colourful language telling him what to do with his torch! We went back to sleep until the morning. We visited the show and had a good look around (lots of mud)and bought a few things we wanted. We sampled the Cornish pasties and some liquid refreshment and walked back to the boat. Ben was looking after it for us and as usual he'd been a very good boy.

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