Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Onto The Grand Union-Braunston Locks And Tunnel

The two boats in the locks
We enjoyed our weekend at Braunston Junction but Monday soon came and we used the services and headed south onto the Grand Union Canal for the Braunston Wide Locks- all six of them. The gates were heavy to open and shut but we worked the two boats together and the lads helped us with some of the gates. We stopped at the top of the locks for a tea break before we did the tunnel. Braunston Tunnel is 2042 yards long and wide enough for two narrow boats to pass but we still would prefer not to meet another boat in the tunnel.

Walking the dog near Braunston Junction

NB Shush emerges from the tunnel

We went through at a good pace and could see NB Shush's lights way behind. After the kink in the tunnel we couldn't see them at all and we waited at the mouth of the tunnel until they appeared- glad to be out in the sunshine.
I got off the boat and walked Ben the dog along a narrow, muddy and overgrown towpath. At Buckby Wharf we were in luck as there was enough room for our two boats as we didn't fancy working through the Buckby Locks until the morning. We spent an entertaining evening over a few (expensive) drinks at the pub next to the locks with our pals Alan and Eiddwen. It rained heavily all night and in the morning we decided to stay put as it was still raining!

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