Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ready Steady Nearly Go!

It's been quite a busy few days as we get ready to begin our travels. The cupboards, fridge and freezer are all stocked up and all the washing is done, making the most of having mains electricity. Eric has been checking the batteries and topping them up as well as cleaning the outside of the boat. Today British Summer Time begins and we did see some sun which was a nice change after yesterdays downpours. We went out for Sunday lunch at 'The Bridge End Hotel' and the food was excellent as usual. Alan and Eiddwen from NB Shush came too and we enjoyed their company. Ben had a good run after his ball up the field and enjoyed several paddles in the shallow part of the canal where only the horse drawn boats and canoes are allowed. Tomorrow we are leaving here but we will be back next winter, but for now we have seven months cruising to do. Now which way shall we go?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Moored At Llangollen

The weather here has been wet with a mixture of rain, sleet, hail stones and snow. Some snow settled on the hills but the rain soon washed most of it away. It's also been very cold and when I've taken the dog out for a walk I have donned lots of layers under my coat as well as the hat, scarf and gloves. What a sight-I had so many layers on it was difficult to do up my boot laces. I must remember to put on my boots first! Yesterday we walked in sleet and hail stones, in the mud and the puddles. Lots of boats and walkers braving the weather, determined to enjoy their Easter break.
Yesterday I had a play with my photographs on my computer and made a photo collage using a photo package. It's a collage of sixteen photographs and it's now in a frame on the boat wall giving me something different to look at. Eric wrapped up warm and took Ben out to play ball in the field by the mooring basin. He was lucky as the weather stayed dry while he was out, although Ben came back wet after his usual paddle in the canal. He had the sense to stay out of the water when the horse drawn boat went past! After that we watched TV and had a thoroughly lazy evening.
Today I need to pick up the post from Llangollen PO and order the coal for Wednesday's delivery here at the wharf. Other than that it's the usual jobs such as filling the water tank, emptying the cassette and cleaning the interior of the boat. I also have shopping to do with a list of things to get before we set off on our travels next Monday. We also need to stock up on complete dog food (we can't run out of that) and the hide bones Ben loves to chew.
I must go in the shower now and get dressed - I can't laze around any longer in my pj's!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy Busy Llangollen Canal

As far as hire boaters are concerned the boating season has begun! Boats are passing our mooring almost as soon as it's light- can't they sleep? There are also lots of other boaters out and about too. Lots of people to say hello to if we're not still in bed.
My dad has returned home and is planning his 81st birthday do, so it's back to Newport in April to celebrate! Of course I've also got to be around when the new baby (my first grandchild) arrives in April.
The spring cleaning bug meant I took our bed settee cover into the dry cleaners in Wrexham and it's now looking much better. My next job is 1001 on the carpets - it must be spring. Eric's planning to give the outside of the boat a good clean too before we set off on our travels.
Walking the dog has been quite entertaining with all the new lambs bouncing along in the fields near the canal. The mums see Ben and immediately gather their offspring together as if their own personal sheepdog is there! We've managed to find times in the day when the walkers/bikers have vacated the towpath so that Ben can run free- he's partial to chasing bikes and sometimes greets the walkers rather than walking past. He's getting better and a pocket with some Shapes (dog biscuits) in works wonders. Most boaters are a friendly bunch and Ben knows those who make a fuss of him.
I've just looked at the weather forecast and it's wet to-morrow so think of me in a field throwing the ball for Ben the dog in the rain (in my waterproofs) or perhaps we'll be walking in the puddles along the towpath. Ben doesn't care as long as he goes out!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No I Haven't Left The Country

I have spent a few days in Newport staying with my dad. I arrived in Newport by train just in time to have lunch with my youngest daughter Lisa and her bump- her baby is due in April! I also had chance to catch up with Wendy and Dilys and of course we had lunch out. After a few days in Newport my dad came back with me to spend a few days on the boat. Surprisingly he and Ben the dog are getting on well and he likes the way the boat is fitted out, only commenting on living in a confined space. I am looking forward to having my bedroom back and a nice lie in as my dad's an early riser.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Time Flies By

This week has been filled with all the usual boat 'house keeping' jobs and of course walking Ben the dog's legs off. Actually it's me that gets tired and he's always ready to go out. At the moment he's having a sleep after playing ball in a big field! Eric is having a nap too!
Today we had a bus trip into Wrexham from Llangollen- it's a great service as it's every 15 minutes. We were only out a few hours ( Ben was home alone) but it was a change to have a look around the shops instead of the comparative peace and quiet on the canal wharf. The fine weather has brought out lots of walkers (with and without dogs) along the canal and there are more boats about. Soon it'll be busy with all the holiday boats.
Next week I am having a few days in Newport visiting family/friends and collecting our repeat prescriptions. I haven't been to see my dad or my girls since Christmas so it'll be a nice change. I couldn't leave Eric on his own with the dog until I knew he'd recovered from his hernia operation. This time my dad (aged 80) is coming back to Llangollen on the train with me. I am surprised he's decided to visit as he's not a dog lover and can't really understand why anyone would want to live on a boat. We are planning to take a trip to see the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct to show him a little of our cruising life. Soon we will be on the move again as our winter mooring finishes March 31st. I am quite looking forward to it. I will miss Llangollen but we'll be back for the winter.