Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Boat Is A Year Old

I can't believe we've had the boat a year-where does time go? Our life has changed completely. At times we miss having a car especially when we want to travel with the dog as we've not been on the train with him yet. We also miss having family and friends just popping in. On the other hand we are meeting new people and everyone you meet on the canal is usually friendly. We have been moored up here three months which means we'll need to build those arm muscles up again to do the locks when we continuously cruise again. In fact we're rather spoilt here with lovely shops nearby, mains electric, a water tap next to the boat and elsan disposal close by. I've just said those words 'continuously cruise' which seems to open up a can of worms amongst boaters and landlubbers alike. All I can say is they are envious of the fact that as retirees we all can continuously cruise and and they can't. After all we pay the licence fee which entitles us to use the waterways. Moan over! I really am looking forward to moving again and we are looking at the guides and deciding where we are going to go next.
Yesterday my eldest daughter celebrated her 34th birthday- now that makes me feel old. Mind you when Lisa (my youngest) told me I was going to be a granny, that certainly aged me- but being a granny at 58 is OK.
The long awaited hernia operation date has arrived but Eric still has to ring the hospital ward to make sure there is a bed on the day he's due to be admitted. So he's travelling down to Newport with his fingers crossed that he will actually have the operation. It's good timing really as we will here for another two months giving him time to recuperate.
The last week has been spent with the usual household chores and walking the dog. It's been dry most days so at least the towpath has been less muddy, but as I look out of the window I can see the rain has started. Nevermind Ben doesn't care whether it's raining as long as he get's his walks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Narrowboat Moves!

Today we actually moved- we set off for Trevor to top up the diesel tank which we use for heating. We had a lovely trip- it didn't rain and we didn't freeze.We saw the first catkins and pussy willows on the trees, but we didn't see any lambs. I walked Ben the dog along the towpath as far as Sun Trevor ( opposite the pub) and although it was extremely muddy we both enjoyed the walk. We had a ride from there to Anglowelsh at Trevor and back to Llangollen Wharf. At Trevor we had to manoeuvre between all the moored boats to get anywhere near the diesel pump, they had to bring the pipe across three boats. We paid 65p a litre and we had used 125 litres since we last filled up on the 12th of January. Every time we travel along this stretch of canal I still am amazed at the scenery. I love the way the canal meanders around the hills and the way you can see Castell Dinas Bran on top of the hill. When we had moored up I took Ben for a ball throwing session up the field by the mooring basin and as usual he sat by the gate waiting for me. Now it's cuppa time and a lazy evening lies ahead watching TV. What a life!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Lisa

Our Mooring!

The View From The Window!

Today our youngest daughter celebrates her 26th birthday. Although we are miles away in Llangollen we will be thinking of her and hope she has a great birthday. We spoke to her this morning and she'd had lots of presents and sounded really happy with a nice day planned.

Since I last wrote my blog Eric has returned from Newport and I don't have to talk to myself. He's just waiting for a phone call telling us when his hernia operation is. It's just as well we are moored here as he'll need time to recuperate before we set off on our travels again.

The River Dee At Llangollen

The weather here continues to be rainy and extremely windy-the satellite dish blew over in the gusts of wind and the canal has waves. Yesterday we went for a walk near the River Dee and it was certainly fierce with white water crashing. We donned our waterproofs and went down into Llangollen to do a bit of shopping. We sampled the cakes at the deli - very nice too. Ben had to make do with a rubdown with a towel to dry him off when we came back. He is never bothered about getting wet, he takes great delight in going in any shallow water he can find! After all he still enjoys his walks even when the weather is dreadful.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Alone

I've spent the last few days feeling quite poorly but today I'm feeling better- all I need to do is get rid of the cough. The weather here in Llangollen is best described as wet and windy. Eric has gone back to Newport for his hospital appointment on Monday morning and I'm home alone apart from Ben the dog. He hasn't cared whether it's raining -we still have been out walking in the mud or playing with a ball thrower in the field by the mooring basin. The delight of going to the field is Ben always enjoys a splash in a pond next to the canal. It must be cold but he doesn't care. Walking the towpath means he can find the biggest stick (or should I say fallen branch) to carry along. Also it gives him the chance to lie down and wait to ambush the next dog that comes along. I put him on his lead when we see a dog as this area seems to have quite a few dog's that are antisocial to say the least. Ben just wants to play.

I have found it quiet here and now the satellite dish as decided to lose it's signal with the disgusting weather we are experiencing this evening. I am not going outside fiddling with it in the rain so I am listing to some Phil Collins Cd's. I was invited for a nice cuppa and a chat on NB Shush this afternoon-they were concerned I'd be fed up of talking to the dog! The trouble is all Ben wants to do is play with his new spongy ball. (He ate the last one!). He's actually giving me a breather to write this by eating his hide bone.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Not Feeling Great

I've not had a good week. We both have picked up a bug and have spent the week coughing and sneezing with sore throats and runny noses. We have been alternating between freezing or sweltering. Ben still needed his walks and the fresh air certainly blew away the cobwebs. I have just wrapped up warm when I've been out walking. Hopefully we will both be feeling better soon. The coal man came today, so we won't run out of coal. It's pouring with rain now but the wind seems to have dropped. A few nights ago the satellite dish blew over in the wind, we heard the bang and rescued it before it dangled in the water. Tomorrow I am going food shopping as the cupboards and fridge needs replenishing.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year From Eric Elsie And Ben The Dog

The New Year arrived with a lots of barks literally-Ben hates fireworks and gets quite agitated. Luckily they were soon over and peace was restored. I did some emails wishing everyone a Happy New Year and had quite a few replies. Ben managed to knock me over when we were out walking and I twisted my ankle. It's now various shades of black and yellow, but getting better. The weather is colder today but I just wrapped up warm and went off for our morning walk. Ben needs plenty of exercise regardless of the weather. Eric took him out this afternoon to play ball in the field by the mooring basin, while I made a shepherd's pie for tea. It's now cooking in the oven and Ben is having a nap at last. Soon he'll be awake and want to play ball along the boat. We should have had a budgie! But I do love him!