Friday, December 28, 2007

Back To The Boat

It's been a strange week- we really are not used to life being quite so hectic. Ben the dog is at present catching up on his sleep. In Sally and Bob's house he didn't get a daytime nap as he was too nosey, watching all that was going on and there was a little pup to keep an eye on too. The picture shows Sam helping himself to Ben's bone. We enjoyed visiting Paula and Danielle but their little dogs were not too keen on a big Ben the dog visiting as well. At Clare and Lisa's house he was safe as the only dog was a picture on the kitchen wall and he enjoyed all the attention from my daughters. At least he now realises car journeys can be fun especially when they end up in a run around Tredegar Park. The journey back to the boat at Llangollen was fine, not too much traffic and Ben slept for a while when he wasn't watching the world whiz by. Clare came back with us for a few days so we had to go to Wrexham for a little sale shopping after all we had Christmas money to spend. Back on the boat we can relax again and get back to the slow pace of life we have become quite used to.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is here again, only one more sleep until Christmas Day! We travelled to Newport on Friday and Ben behaved himself. He soon settled down in the car and was happy as long as his head was on my lap.We wondered if he would whinge all the way as this he is not used to car travel. He has also quickly got the idea of a house with stairs although he makes us smile as he sleeps in the hall- the only narrow space he can find. He has thoroughly enjoyed Tredegar Park where he can run after his ball and meets lots of other dogs. Ben is not interested in playing with any other dogs who come and see him, he has a one track mind- he just can't wait to chase the ball. We are finding it strange to be in a house but it's nice to see our family at this time of the year. Sam the dog lives in this house with Sally and Bob and Ben is a giant up against a tiny pup. Ben and Sam are fine together as long as we keep an eye on them because Ben gets a big heavy footed when he's excited. All the preparations are done, all we have to do is get a good nights sleep and it'll be Christmas Day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vodafone To The Rescue

I have been really fed up with my connection to the Internet with my data card set up so I went to find out about a USB modem. It was an unplanned visit to Wrexham. Well the modem works brilliantly as I am doing this from the boat and the green light has stayed on showing a 2G connection. In Wrexham they were only too pleased to see me sign up for a 18 month contract to get a free USB modem. So I can use my laptop on the boat again! I know it's £30 a month but that's just a pound a day and I know I'll get my moneys worth. I also did a bit of Christmas shopping, just one more present still to get. A school choir was singing carols so I enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Cold And Frosty Morning

Looking at Sue's blog(NB No Problem) in the library at Llangollen I can certainly see how cold it's been in various parts of of the country. Here at Llangollen the frost is thick, the puddles and mud have turned to ice but it is good dog walking weather as we both don't get quite so muddy. Also as the canal flows from here to Hurleston Junction there is no ice at all on the canal. It is very cold but we are warm and cosy with the coal fire and the central heating as a background heat. I never thought I would like being moored in one place but it has been a pleasant change. We have had a chance to get to know the other boaters , who usually just pass with a wave and a hello as they travel along to their next mooring. We've put up our Christmas lights and some baubles on the windows but no tree as there's not much room, it will be our first Christmas on the boat. We are visiting family for Christmas Day and I am still cooking Christmas dinner! I hope Ben behaves himself in a house, after all he's lived the last nine months on a boat.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Trip To Trevor

What have I been up to you ask as a whole week has gone by. Well I have been to a cold and windy on the train. The train was much newer than usual and had a trolley service which makes a change. First port of call in Newport was a haircut by Lisa at Josephs, she knows just how I like my hair! Next I had arranged to meet Wendy and we had a catch up chat with tea and toasted teacakes in M & S coffee shop. Later on at my dad's house my three daughters came to visit- it was really nice to see them. The weather that night was dreadful with the wind howling and rain lashing down and I rang Eric on the boat to make sure he was OK. In the morning I visited the dentist and had my cap fitted on my tooth and then it was back home to the boat in Llangollen.
On Monday we decided to walk the dog to Trevor, which is where the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is. We didn't realise it was four miles away but it was warm in the sun although there were lots of puddles and mud. Ben was delighted to be tramping through mud and puddles. After his eight mile walk he had his usual wash and promptly went to sleep. It was the quietest evening we'd had for a long time-he didn't even want to play ball along the boat. We were feeling weary so we were glad of the peace. On Tuesday we visited Trevor again, this time by boat to fill up with diesel. The price had gone up to 65p a litre. It was very cold and frosty and were glad to be moored up and cosy once more.