Friday, November 30, 2007

Walks In Llangollen

Thursday came and it was a lovely bright sunny day so we decided to do another bit of the Llangollen History Trail. Last time we walked up to Dinas Bran Castle. We set off along the towpath our first stop was the Horseshoe falls. It's actually a horseshoe shaped weir on the River Dee. Eric captured the moment as we waited by the water(posing), two minutes later Ben was standing in the shallow bit having a drink. He always likes to get his feet in the water too!

From the falls we walked in a northerly direction- it wasn't far to Llantysilio Church where we stopped for a drink, a mars bar and a short rest. The next part of our walk was uphill along a narrow path around Velvet Hill, we decided not to climb this bit! Then we walked along the marked path through a field of sheep who all moved away from Ben on his lead. Quite a funny sight! The ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey were in sight but as it's out of season we could only walk around the grounds and Ben was not allowed in, so we took it in turns to go and have a look. This Abbey was once the the second richest in Wales after Tintern Abbey in South Wales. Ben really enjoyed his long walk and he needed a face wash, feet, legs and tummy wash before he could come back on the boat- the smell of mud and dung would have been too much to bear. He made us smile as he happily let us give him a wash on the bow of the boat.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Update From Llangollen

As we are moored at the moment I am finding I don't know what to write. I travelled home to Newport from Ruabon Station- when I got there I was the only person on the station and wondered if the train would stop. The train was Holyhead to Carmarthen and quite a rickety journey but I had a seat and read my book so I was quite happy. I arrived in Newport and it seemed so strange with lots of people about I felt quite lonely! I rang Sally in America and she rang me back using her phonecard as she has to pay £1 a minute to receive incoming calls. After a nice chat I walked down to the dentist and had my crown preparation done and will have the new crown in December. I will have to be careful I don't lose the temporary one as it's £46.90 on the train to get back to Newport.
Dad as usual was pleased to see me- and the salad awaited me as expected! Clare came to visit and we had a chance to catch up before I fell into bed exhausted. In the morning I did the usual prescription repeats and visited Alison (my cousin) before she set off on her Caribbean Cruise- her boat is definitely bigger than mine! After that I did a bit of shopping for my dad and had lunch with him. In the evening Sally and Bob came with Sam the dog- he's teeny weeny and so cute. They took me up to see Lisa at her house- her bump is growing and we'll soon know whether it's a boy or girl as she has a scan in December.
My journey back to Llangollen was quite uneventful. I was disappointed there wasn't a trolley service on the train so NO HOT CHOCOLATE. Luckily I had bought sandwiches and a drink at M&S so I was OK. After a short wait at Ruabon the bus came and I travelled back to Llangollen. Ben and Eric were both pleased to see me. It was nice to be back afloat as that's where I feel at home.

Monday, November 19, 2007

What have I Done This Week

We have had an incredibly lazy weekend. We haven't done much apart from walking the dog regardless of the rain and wandering around the town. I miss being able to use my computer on the boat- some days it just won't connect and I end up going to the library. I did go shopping in Wrexham and bought some new jeans in BHS after trying on loads to find a pair that fitted. I also bought Eric a new dressing gown and pyjamas and a few bits and pieces for Christmas. I left Eric looking after Ben the dog.
This morning there is a sprinkling of snow on the surrounding hills and the woolly hats and gloves have come out of the cupboard. I see on NB No Problem's blog snow is falling all around them, so maybe we have that to look forward to. On NB Bendigedig we are warm and cosy, just like Sue and Vic on NB No Problem. Several others boats are wintering here including NB Liberty Belle, NB Shush, and NB Cartref. It's nice having neighbours to have a chat to and the ladies aboard are planning a shopping trip to Wrexham!
On Wednesday I am going to the dentist in Newport to have a crown preparation. While I am there I'll stay at my dad's and visit my family. Sally and Bob have a new arrival- a little eight week jack russell pup called Sam- I can't wait to see him.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Visitors From South Wales

We don't seem to have done a lot this week other than walk the dog, or take him to a big open space to play ball and see if he does his usual trick or finding a hole to put it down. I thought sheepdogs were bright- he still has not got the message that if he puts it down a deep hole I can't get it out and neither can he. We have done the usual food shopping with lots of nice shops in Llangollen and wandered around the town looking in the gift shops with Christmas presents in mind. On Saturday we had a nice surprise we actually had a phone call- why the delight you ask- well vodafone is very iffy where we are so we tend to get texts rather than calls. Anyway to cut a long story short Sally and Bob were going to visit on Sunday. They arrived at 12.15pm just in time for Sunday lunch at The Bridge End Hotel and it was a lovely lunch too. The vegetables were all fresh and the lamb very good too and I do love eating out, everything tastes so much better when you don't have to cook it. After a lazy hour or two chatting we went for a walk with Ben the dog before they headed back to South Wales. It was great to have some visitors.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Castell Dinas Bran

We made it- having a rest!

Eric came too!

Ben's really at home here!

We are enjoying our winter mooring here in Llangollen, it's a nice change ! Ben and I have had lots of walks as Eric still has a sore toe. Yesterday we did a four mile walk along the canal towpath towards Trevor, when we got back Ben was ready to play ball after a short nap. Today Eric was feeling OK (toe bandaged up) so we decided to go for a hilly walk up to Castell Dinas Bran, a castle ruin which overlooks Llangollen and would give us some spectacular views of the mountains. When I saw how high we had to walk I was daunted but we took it slowly and had lots of stops to get our breath back and we made it. I will post some photos to prove it if this computer at Llangollen Library will let me- otherwise I'll try on my laptop but the signal is a bit iffy. It works better about teatime for some unknown reason! Llangollen library is great - so the proof is in the photos.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Peace And Quiet At Llangollen Wharf

It was a pleasant journey from Ellesmere to Llangollen with beautiful views as we crossed the aqueducts and travelled closer to Llangollen. It took us two days as we travelled about four hours a day. The last mile or so was very slow with the current against us and the one way sections. It was just as well I walked ahead with Ben as various hire boaters ignored the signs about one way traffic, they were going through and we had to get out of the way! We moored at the visitor moorings with the other six boats wintering here. Some nice people too and I'm sure we'll get to know each other! Ben loves it here as we've found the open spaces near the canal where we can play chase the ball. The satellite tv works here but the mobile phone works better off the boat. I am a bit disappointed as the internet connection is not good, but I joined the library and can use the computers there for free. On the plus side it's great having electricity and water next to the boat, as well as refuse and elsan facilities close by. Another good thing is that although lots of walkers pass during the day it has been peaceful at night. The welsh flag is flying on our boat in Wales once again.