Sunday, October 28, 2007

What A Day!

The day started quite normally other than the fact we were up earlier due to the clocks going back an hour. We planned to go up to the turning circle and then get some water and moor on the Ellesmere Arm so we could go out to lunch. But the best plans went a bit haywire today. Eric was feeling a bit off with a pain in his side but he thought he'd be OK! My middle daughter Clare is visiting so I walked Ben along the towpath while they were on the boat travelling. Anyway the pain got really bad and we had to moor the boat and call for help. Shropshire Ambulance Service were amazing they arrived within 15 minutes walking along the towpath to get to us as we were about half a mile from the road. They decided it would be easier to take us to the turning circle, turn around and go back to the ambulance by boat. The man from the hotel boat Willow helped my daughter moor up while I went to Wrexham Hospital with Eric. Some chaps from Canaltime at Blackwater Meadow Marina came up from the marina to help move the boat down to the visitor moorings alerted by some friendly walkers who had seen us going off in an ambulance. The paramedics were great, they enjoyed their boat trip and we were soon wired up and on our way to hospital. It turned out the excruciating pain was due to a kidney infection but it's better to be safe than sorry. Ben the dog also had a bad day - he has a plaster on his ear where a collie dog bit him! Clare bumped her head on the hatch trying to catch an escapee dog so I think that's all the bad luck we need for one day! Needless to say we never got Sunday lunch!


Chas & Ann said...

Hi Elsie n Eric, Do hope Eric is OK now. We did not mind you not stopping. Thanks for the mention.

Mo said...

Crumbs, and we thought we had bad days!!

Trust everyone is on the mend.

luv - Mo and Vanessa

Hi Chas and Ann

Elsie said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts. Eric is feeling better but still on painkillers! Ben's ear is plaster free! Bye for now, Elsie & Eric

les said...

Hi Elsie
Glad things are ok now.
Also isn`t it great how people help out (canaltime/Willow) times like this it`s nice to be part of a caring boating community.