Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Has Come and Gone!

I cooked Christmas dinner which everyone loved, but I always enjoy it more when I don't have to cook it. Our Christmas pud didn't survive the microwave- despite following the instructions of the pack- it was like a brick! We had to all have gateaux instead. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is over, and there is still piles of food left. We always seem to buy too much food and then fancy something like a curry or fish and chips because we're fed up of party food. We had some lovely presents, thanks to everyone! My husband has been out to take our daughter home and seen a queue of little old ladies with M&S carrier bags at the bus stop, off to change their Christmas presents. No doubt M&S will be packed! Our flat overlooks the motorway and all we can see is very slow moving traffic, so everyone much be off to the sales. We will enjoy a quiet day - just to two of us- and Eric can even have a pint or two after spending the last few days as taxi driver!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Boat News

Just a little blog to say the boat is now at 'halfway through final fit-out stage' and we are going to pay her a visit on the 3rd of January- We can't wait to see her floating on the Trent & Mersey Canal complete with sign writing. I am actually quite excited as this means we are nearly there! We now have to choose curtains, carpets and tiles for our floating home. We can also take some more pictures to share with those who read my blog. Until then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Is Nine Sleeps Away!

The title reminds me of the children at my old school, everything was calculated in sleeps, for example their birthday was in two sleeps. Well we have been looking around the shops and garden centres for a real tree as they can be recycled after Christmas rather than stored. We gave our girls the artificial one we had due to the limited amount of storage space we will have on the boat. The real tree came from Homebase-it's only five foot but it looks lovely now it's decorated and the lights are twinkling!! I love Christmas but this year the run up to it has been very different- last year I was really busy at school with the Christmas bazaar and the nativity plays. This year I miss the excitement of all those children. I always enjoyed it when my girls were small and now time has flown by and there's just the two of us again. Nobody wakes us up on Christmas morning !

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why Did We Join The European Union?

We can't believe the EU is getting it's own way again. They've going to stop the cheap red diesel for recreational boaters!! My husband is evil- with the prospect of much bigger fuel costs for our continuous cruising. It's a recognised fact that a lot of boaters are retired on low fixed incomes and have no means of increasing their income, yet the prices are going up and up just as we are ready to live as we choose. It's been cheap red diesel for years, why change it NOW when we are about to live the dream. The farmer's can still get it- it's just not fair!!
The only good thing is we can cruise continuously and do not pay a yearly mooring fee for a mooring in a marina where they want your cash ,but they really don't want you to actually live on your boat. Nobody would suggest you could only live in your house for 4 days a week!! Then there's boat insurance, whether you intend to live on it, is a deciding factor - many insurers are not interested !! We also need politicians who work for us, with a backbone, not lapdogs who seem afraid to stand up for British citizens. After all we pay their wages !!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First Blog For December

I feel really pleased with myself- I've done all my present buying after a day out in Gloucester. We went to Gloucester to get some maps and cruising guides from the National Waterways Museum Shop. There were some lovely painted canalware but we resisted temptation! We signed the petition at the Museum to make this a free entry museum. It was nice to walk around the quays and see some narrowboats even if they weren't going anywhere. I also bought a lightweight long handled windlass and collected the form for a boat licence from British Waterway's at Gloucester docks. Another delightful form to fill in- I hate forms. How do I know how long the boat is including the fenders!! We are waiting to hear from the boat builder and it seems like an age since we saw our narrowboat, but patience is a virtue!