Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's Happening Today

Today our boat is hitting the water for the first time, so the next time we see it it'll be floating on the Trent and Mersey canal at Sandbach. We decided to visit it next when we have to choose the curtains, carpets and tiles-decisions decisions! The builder told us it would be finished January/February but he has now told us it should be the beginning of January, but we'll just have to wait and see! So this will be our last Christmas with a dry land base of our own, I know it'll be strange being 'houseless' but we are not going to be homeless. All we have to do then is pack the boxes (again) and we are ready to go.
This month we are sorting out dentist checkups and doctor's prescriptions ready for our travels. We need a landbased address to keep a doctor and dentist, so Eric's sister is allowing us to use her address. She is going to keep our mail for us until we pick it up, on our visits to Newport. If anyone needs to contact us urgently then they'll have to use email or our mobile phone. How times have changed! I can remember many boating holidays where we had to find a working phone box.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Visit To Widnes

We arrived at Widnes to find the builders very busy on our boat, some were rubbing down paintwork in preparation for another coat of paint, others were busy inside lining the interior. The interior had been spray foamed for insulation and there were wires and cables everywhere. The floor and bulkheads were in and we went aboard to have a look!

The Beta Marine 43 engine was fitted and wired up ready for its first watery journey to Sandbach. First it will be hoisted on a very long lorry and transported by road to Wincham Wharf where it will be hoisted off and floated for the first time.
We then went down to Sandbach to drop off the washing machine, so that it's there ready for the fitout. We look forward to our next visit to Sandbach about halfway through the fitout. Then the paint job will be completed with a visit from the signwriter and it won't be long before our adventure begins.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Feeding The Birds Or Littering!

I've just been reading in the paper about people not being allowed to feed the birds in some areas as its considered to be an offence to throw litter. It says that throwing bread to feed the birds can be classed as 'littering' as it means uncollected food is left lying around. The RSPB disagrees as there is no reference to feeding birds in the legislation. I feed the geese to use up the stale bread and as you can see they take it from my hands, so I am not throwing litter and there is no food left lying around as they eat every crumb!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Some Shell Photos!!

This is the stern showing the extra large hatch on the traditional shell.

A photo to show the very long boat, it's 57 feet!

The interior with the floor being painted.

The bow showing the steel doors.

I added these photos to show anyone interested what the shell looks like now. Next week it will be insulated and lined, so Eric will take more photos when we go up to Cheshire to see it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We Have A Shell!

The letter came at last, inviting us to visit our boat shell. We travelled to Widnes, Cheshire to the shell fabrication arm of the Northwich Boat Company. We had a good look at our boat, admiring the great lines and traditional style of the shell. Eric took some photos including the one above. We are really pleased at the smooth finish of the welds and look forward to visiting next week to see work in progress. The shell is due to have further coats of primer and blacking and then it will be painted with cobalt blue as the exterior paint colour with gold coachlines.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Blog For November

In case you think I've given up blogging I thought I'd better update you! For the last two weeks we have had no boat news and have been impatiently waiting to hear. I know we'll get the call to visit when more cash is needed to continue so I must just wait!!
What have we been doing you ask? I have actually started knitting again after many years of not having much time when I was working. I finished my waistcoat quickly- I hadn't forgotten how to knit after my 15 year lapse. Now I'm making a woolly hat for those cold winter days on the boat, mainly because there was loads of wool left after I knitted the waistcoat!
On Saturday we had a lovely day, we went to the wedding of Caroline and Allen in Usk. It was a lovely friendly service and it was great as it stayed dry for them too. They needed dry weather as Caroline arrived at the chapel in a horse and carriage. She looked lovely. The reception was a good chance to catch up with the news from my old school pals. It's amazing I miss work! Not for the job but the company- I miss the adult chat and all those lovely children.
Yesterday we went to Brecon , it was actually very cold and windy up there. It's much warmer in Newport. I enjoyed the scenery on the way - I loved seeing the mountains- actually the Brecon Beacons and lots of autumnal trees.