Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some Boat Details

For anyone interested I thought I'd tell you a bit about the boat we are having built. Unfortunately I have no pictures yet but there are some pictures on the builders web site which is It's basically a 57 foot mid-galley traditional narrowboat, as I wanted it to be as open plan as possible, I can be claustrobic! My husband Eric is a bit worried about our new venture because of this. I am sure it'll be fine.
It has got a 43hp Beta Marine engine with an engine mounted generator which provides travel power! Various extras added include aquadrive for less noise and vibration. We decided on a larger shower with glass door as basically we need the room, neither of us are twiggy and a bed extension to increase the width of the bed to 5 foot for the same reason. On various holidays with Black Prince and a 4 foot bed I always felt that if I moved I'd fall out of bed and spent more time walking in the saloon than sleeping in the bed. Good job my husband can sleep through anything! I have been known to hoover around him.
We are having a breakfast bar to keep the saloon larger and a bed settee with a sprung mattress from Ikea for comfort and as an occasional bed for visitors- if they find us! I have three grown up daughters so I am sure we will get visitors. I expect we'll find it quiet at first, so if you see us on the cut please say hello.
We have downsized to a furnished flat from a 4 bedroom house and it took months to get rid off the accumulated goods of 35 years of marriage. Two of our daughters bought a house together and were pleased to get the furniture we no longer needed, as it was only two years old. When we replaced our furniture we didn't even have an inkling that we would be retiring early to live on a boat.
We still have to be a bit ruthless as there will no room to move on the boat if the number of boxes in the spare room is anything to go by. You keep things just in case, and never use them so they will have to go. We will have to visit the charity shop again, they'll know us by name we visit so often leaving them bags of stuff. After all my husband says who need stuff.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Living The Dream

The house sale is finally completed after a year of hassle and we live in an apartment (posh name for flat) awaiting completion of our narrowboat 'Bendigedig'. The name of our narrowboat is welsh and means wonderful or blessed as we thought it would be wonderful to have our own boat after many, many narrowboat holidays. After lots of research on the internet we chose the Northwich Boat Company to build us a 57 foot traditional narrowboat, as we wanted a british built boat. We found them very helpful when we met them at the Preston Brook IWA Show last August 2005. We booked a build slot and put the house on the market. It finally sold in February 2006 but delay after delay within the chain meant we had to put back the start of the boat until August 2006. The shell is now being built in Cheshire and we look forward to seeing it completed at the end of this month.